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I need of a womens touch

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I need of a womens touch

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When she walked into my house, she repeated a phrase that has become popular among my female guests: "I love your place.

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Once the color is chosen, a man can be assured that the "woman's touch" will require at least two of his weekend days.

The place needed a woman's touch to make it better | wordreference forums

I understand that women live on a higher plane of style, decoration and general cleanliness, so it's useless for me to try to match their inherently better senses of taste. It really just needs a woman's touch. Perhaps that phrase was accurate back in the s when women stayed home all day raising kids, braising roast beef and vacuuming until the floor was trained to reject dust.

Nichec has provided a woman's tender care, as usual.

The place needed a woman's touch to make it better

On the surface, when we hear this nefd, we think that maybe our place isn't clean enough. When she walked into my house, she repeated a phrase that has become popular among my female guests: "I love your place. My visiting mother illustrated the point quite clearly when she said she was tired of her bathroom at home and could not wait to get back to see how much progress my father had made on it in her absence.

Send e-mail to eedwards orlandosentinel. But to truly get to the heart of a woman's touch requires a lot of hard work from a man.

In BE a woman's touch is the more usual thing to say, I think. The simple fact toucu that cleanliness and order are not the only components of a woman's touch. But clearly, touch is not all of it.

So I've modified the phrase to be a little more accurate: "What you need is a woman's advice. My father enjoys some home improvement, but I bet he wasn't going to as himself the chore of putting crown molding in the bathroom on a weekend when my mother was out of town and he had rouch house to himself for the first time in 40 years.

What does "woman's touch" mean? | learn english at english, baby!

Maybe it isn't colorful enough. If my girlfriend, Pam, were to move into my house tomorrow, I can guarantee that the place would be cleaner and better organized.

To be sure, they still seem to retain sole possession of the rights to decorate that home or to choose the color of paint on the walls. I've always let the phrase roll off my back. The demands of bachelorhood state simply that I maintain a house just clean enough so as not to cause guests great discomfort, but not so clean that guests feel the need to stay for any length of time. Women will claim that were it not for this domestic management, we would all be living in squalor.

`a woman's touch' takes some hard work from men - chicago tribune

I'm not sure I agree, but I will agree that without a woman's advice, most houses would have white walls, most bathrooms women be crown-molding free, and bath towels would be used at least five times before they're laundered. But these days, most women do not have sole dominion over the upkeep of the house.

Maybe the dust bunnies should all be swept into the same place. I think "a woman's touch" refers to "a woman's taking care" but is the underlined part very nneed This is a phrase that has been used too often, for such a long time, that it has lost its meaning.

Click to expand But lately, Neef been thinking about the phrase "a woman's touch," and I've come to think that it does not mean exactly what it says. It is so cute. The place is a little colloquial and to make it better is rather imprecise - for to improve the appearance, or to soften the decor - but the underlined part isn't otherwise colloquial.