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I know who i am looking for is reading this

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I know who i am looking for is reading this

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Average rating of all stories: 3. Thanks to Penguin Books for the free review copy. First of all, this collection is about s long and there are a total of 21 stories. This is mostly because about half of the stories are what would be considered flash fiction, short stories of 2 s or less. I really struggled with these Average rating of all stories: 3. I really struggled with these stories and felt they detracted from the overall message and theme.

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Unfortunate way to close out these stories. This felt like it was trying to do too much at once, so it was overwhelming. I think it's maybe because I'm uncomfortable with age gaps.

There are various plot elements here a possible promotion, a depressed roommate, a lie about being religious to a hot dude and it all reding just perfectly. Surprised to see this, I had assumed every lead was a gay man. It felt complete.

I know you know who i am: stories

I iss I felt more for this. A small inkling of a terminal disease, alongside the discovery of a set of ribs on the beach. I think there's such a horrifying human nature element to be explored there, the fact that at one point we gathered to watch death and that through some horrible means we could get there again. It's terrible and strange and impossible to look away from. They speak recklessly and lose control of their lies easily.

Thanks to Penguin Books for the free review copy.

What does it say about my reading tastes that my favorite story in this collection is probably the only speculative one? Definitely a fan of this. Some of the stories are darker, more jarring and more original [than others] A something dating an early something just squicks me out and I didn't see the value of this, mixed with a throwaway line about the mc's brother attempting suicide.

Lying compulsively to some guy and then it comes back to bite him in the end. The stories are original, and the commentary on deceit in its various manifestations lends most of the stories pathos and power. Many of these characters are the types nkow relegated to the role of best friend: underdogs, men forced to play wingman to their more beautiful and dopey companions.

It was a cool idea, it just felt like a woh finished story that concluded in the middle of a thought. But also I just felt we didn't see enough of these characters. But even these milder stories manage to compel with language, if not plot. It was fine. Well, there you have it.

I know you know who i am by peter kispert | penguin random house canada

There are sudden shifts in POV that I found jolting and strange, and I disliked hearing again about the same lie. Again, I like the idea of a snapshot of a moment but I don't know if this is the length for me, I don't know if flash fiction is my jam.

I like this look at older gay men, along with a slight nudge at artists and their futile attempt to put meaning into work without really caring about consequences. Too many of them are about just plain old compulsive liars, without variation. I like the setting of a scene, focusing intently on a single moment of intimacy that also is lacking in the basic necessary elements of an emotional connection.

It felt sort of pointless, like spending a month of reading this collection left me right back where I started. The last story like this played up an obsession with reality TV, this one played into the realism of a theatre production that blurs the line between fiction and reality. I appreciate where the lie came from and how lookign played out. This has three moments of time we are learning about in this one teenage boy's inow.

Several of the stories, including most of the flash fiction pieces, were anticlimactic I think the plot thre felt disparate, unconnected but striving for connection anyway. This is a Black Mirror-esque horror story about a world where a game show can give you your best life - or you could be killed on national TV.

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Super solid, I really enjoyed reading this. I just vibe with this a lot. Quiet lies, lies of omission.

It went just about exactly as predicted based on every story here. I think there's still that theme here with the public viewing of death and danger, which is a great way to tie the collection together, but a strange quick snapshot of a sword swallower for the circus is a totally new idea to throw into the mix.

Ok, with that out of the way let's jump into more detailed reviews! I just didn't get enough readimg what was happening in a single paragraph's worth of story. These are the exact notes I took when I read this, I wasn't aware yet of how many of the stories would be flash fiction.

But I loved the futility fro this main character, the work he was doing and how unseen tragedy can be lurking. I got the story, and the underlying layer of character building.

First of all, this fog is about s long and there are a total of 21 stories. This is another first date, another failed evening that might lead to reluctant sex.

I know you know who i am by peter kispert

I'm unsure hhis the deception or falsehood is to be found in this story about mishearing a word in your youth and discovering its true meaning later on. And I also was very invested in this concept of a simple moment that will make people revert to how they thought of onow before. It's faux-intimacy, two people forced together who are pretending to feel at something even though one of them is miles away.

I loved this.

That said, not all the stories pack the same punch. I really struggled with these Average rating of all stories: 3.

And you can feel the anxiety lacing everything the main character does, which is super effective, even if you can't stand j and the little ways he makes life harder for himself. It's horrifying and inventive and disturbing at every turn as this awful thing is so easily normalized in society.

I know you know who i am

thie Kispert certainly deserves the praise others have given him. Those are my thoughts about every single story in the collection. Average rating of all stories: 3.