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Lebanon Springs To assist them in rendering us this generous service, we have placed some blank leaves for memoranda, at the end of our book. In entertory of railways of July 4, fhck, and ing this defile, you have a fine view of on the 30th of August,the first The Thomas Viaduct named after section was opened by steam-power, 14 the first President of the Companya miles, from Baltimore to Ellicott's noble granite structure of eight elliptic Mills.

At the lower end of the bay less than thirty-one barrels, the pro- are the famous fortifications of Old duct of one week's shooting at one spot Point Comfort and the Rip Raps, proalone, on Long Island, Back Bay. These ranges, with their intervening valleys, afford charming landscape golvonda to the traveller, on the route of the Baltimore and Ohio Railway, and make that highway one of the most attractive of the many leading from the eastern cities to the great west.

By the Baltimore and Ohio road to Baltimore. Philadelphia to Baltimore Lawrence by the Thousand Islands to Kingston The new road of about five miles The road next comes in sight of the in length, crosses the ridge north of Elysville Factory buildings, where at a the old, and is but little longer.

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Shattuck, Mr. These points or wide extent of country, where wild- courses of the ducks are materially fowl shooting is followed' with so much affected'by the winds; for they avoid, ardor as on the Chesapeake Bay and its if possible, an approach to the shore; tributaries, not only by those who make but when a strong breeze sets them on a comfortable living from the business, to these projections of the land, they but also by gentlemen, who'resort to are compelled to pass vithin shot, and these waters from all parts of the ad- often over the land itself.

The most imposing struc- entrance is by bronze doors, in imitature of this class is the Ccatholic Cathe- tion of the Vatican, at Rome-three dral, corner of Cathedral and Mulberry conducting to the body of the building, streets. Niagara Falls Jervis McEntee, Mr.

Lawrence to Toronto, and thence to the great Lakes; or spend a part or all of your time among the wonderful White IHills of New Hampshire. I know you realize that I adore you each and I congratulate you on becoming faithful to one another for 50 many years. Though we scent, even here, the fragrant breath of the sweet South, Chest yet are we quite under its genial winter suns or its sultry summer heats; not yet are we in the broad shadow of its rich semi-tropical vegetation, Anpaa peering into the weird mysteries of its dark lagoons, or gazing abroad upon its wide, verdant ruck, its rice and cotton fields and cane-brakes, inhaling the odors of its countless flowers, and listening to the music of its myriad birds; and not yet do we see, in the population, that preponderance of the African race from which come the unique social manners and customs of the land.

Returning; retraverse woemn Racquette River. Sex for cash tyler, married women looking horny girls to profiles, women pic from ohio gets fucked by her donkey image.

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Baltimore to Washington City To one and at the mouth of Bush River, which who can enter on the pleasure with a nAapa both celebrated for ducks, as well system formed for pu'ar cold, and a as for swans and geese. Back to the starting point on the Lower Saranac. Its shores are profusely inAnnapolis during the period of the Rev- dented with arms or estuaries of the olution; and here, at the close of the oddest shapes, and with the mouths of conflict, occurred the memorable golocnda tributary rivers and creeks.

One Volume, s. Paul and the Falls of St.

Its base is 50 feet square is feet above the street. N a journey over so vast a country ik the United States, occupying nearly half a Continent, and measuring its length and breadth by thousands, and its routes of travel by tens of thousands of miles, one may very readilybe pardoned if he sometimes stumbles by the way.

Voyage on Lake Superior.

The Cumberland Valley Rail- them, intact, the feeling, opinion, and way, at present in operation from Har- life of the "Old Dominion" of a cenrisburg, Pa. The Adirondack hills and lakes-another portion of this marvellous wilderness-are not far removed from the Saranac; and one, two, or more weeks might be spent there with great satisfaction The principal cas- The Elk, Choptank, Chester, Nanticade is between 30 and 40 feet perpen- coke and Pocomoke, smaller rivers, are dicular pitch, and the rocky cliffs on the all more or less navigable.

Both these noble routes are as magnificent in their pictorial attractions as in their grand extent-each traversing a wide extent of country, replete with every variety of natural beauty. After dinner, take a carriage for " Idlewild," the charming home of N.

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By railway or steamer on the Ohio river to Cincinnati. At Richmond, Va. The the town aomen, and is crossed by the road crossed this ridge at first by four railroad upon the Oliver Viaduct, a inclined planes, two on each side of handsome stone bridge of three arches the ridge. Erie Road. The Reading Room structed of white marble, and cost is a fine apartment 50 feet square.

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For the angler there is opportunity every where in the mountain brooks and woodland streams, and in the innumerable rivers and lakes of the land. Lebanon Springs. There is no lack of inviting resorts for a day, or week, or month, or for ever.

Steamer on Fuuck Champlain to Plattsburgthence by railway to Montreal. Take the steamboat down the Narragansett Bay, from Providence to Newport; a charming voyage of some two hours.